Smart Perth and Kinross Strategy

Perth and Kinross Council has a Smart Perth and Kinross Strategy.

The Strategy sets out the keys areas that the Council wishes to progress as a smart city and county and is part of Perth’s participation in the Smart Cities Scotland initiative launched in 2015.  Perth is also participating in the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 8th City Initiative which is providing funding to support smart city projects which include an Open Data Platform; Innovation Lab; City Operations Centre; Intelligent Street Lighting; Smart Waste and Mobile Working.  Details of these projects can be found here.

A smart city is defined as one that ‘uses data and technology to enhance the delivery of city services, promotes economic growth; increases sustainability; and engages more actively with its citizens.’  The Strategy has been developed to guide the implementation of projects in Perth and Kinross as well as provide a framework within which further initiatives can be developed with stakeholders.

Ideas and initiatives for a smarter Perth and Kinross are set out under six key themes: Smart Government; Smart Living; Smart Mobility; Smart People; Smart Environment and Smart Economy. The Smart Perth and Kinross strategy complements the Perth City Plan and looks at how we can enhance digital infrastructure, grow the digital sector, employment and skills within the wider region.

The development and implementation of the Strategy will increase the ability of Perth and Kinross to compete with other city regions in an ever more connected world, while also benefitting from increasing collaboration with neighbouring authorities.

The Strategy document can be viewed in full here.