Smart, Educated Population

Smart people means a high quality education and an inclusive society with creativity to unlock all the opportunities that the smart city offers. Smart cities provide access for all citizens, especially young people to basic digital skills education and development based on citizens’ needs and interests. It provides support for small businesses and entrepreneurs to gain value from digital connectivity and skills. Smartphones allow citizens to share information to improve city services. Community engagement is an essential ingredient for creating a successful smart city and the people who live in Perth can help improve it.


We will:

  • Provide learners in school access to personal learning devices
  • Connect schools with Perth College UHI online courses and ‘virtual learning’
  • Support the Perth Online initiative delivered by LEAD Scotland to teach digital skills.
  • Develop a digital technology development plan for schools and adult education
  • Develop apprenticeships with local technology companies and UHI Perth College
  • Provide training and workshops in digital skills for small businesses
  • Share digital skills with communities and through Hackathons and Coder Dojo.
  • Establish through a citizen based online research community.
  • Develop a range of apps for people to access Council services

Key Open Datasets

  • School catchment areas
  • Locations of all schools by school type and numbers of pupils per school
  • Pupil attendance, absence and exclusion
  • Subjects offered by school
  • Device usage in schools
  • Adult Learning and ESOL enrolments and outcomes
  • Graduates from UHI Perth College – grades and destinations
  • Digital skills courses and enrolments in Perth and Kinross
  • Open access to community internet facilities in Perth and Kinross