Cleaner, Smarter Transport

Mobility and transport are essential for a city to function properly and are a critical part of the smart city agenda. Smart mobility means promoting multi-modal, sustainable and active travel. Initiatives to reduce pressure on the city’s infrastructure by reducing congestion, air pollution and improving safety and efficient use of shared public space are a core part of this agenda. Our IT service will support the development of traffic management systems, smart parking apps, e-mobility initiatives and promote of active travel such as cycling and walking through the use of data and the resulting applications for smart cities.


We will:

  • Develop the existing Urban Traffic Control system to integrate data from sensors
  • Develop real-time, multi-modal travel information and link this to new digital signage and apps for smart phones
  • Create intelligent parking solutions, covering a range of parking and payment options
  • Develop smart ticketing, building on the ABC (All Bus Companies) pass in Dundee
  • Encourage¬†sustainable travel through the extension of Electric Vehicle charging and active travel hubs
  • Promote the use of cycle hire schemes, cycle lanes and green routes
  • Look at the feasibility of instituting a shared car hire scheme in Perth
  • Use data on freight movements in Perth to reduce the number of delivery vehicles travelling into city centre
  • Promote cycling and walking, using apps which allow users to input and share their own data

Key Open Datasets

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points and usage in Perth and Kinross
  • Real-time and recorded car parking space capacity (off-street and on-street) in Perth
  • Segregated/safe cycle routes in Perth and Kinross
  • Cycle parking facilities in Perth and Kinross
  • Car parks and car parking spaces (on and off street) and availability
  • Bus stops and routes
  • Taxi licenses and taxi ranks