Healthier. Happier. Smarter.

Smart Living means making the city culturally vibrant, safe and healthy. Already the digital agenda is shaping a future healthcare system that will allow citizens to control and make use of personal data and direct their own health needs. We will seek to enhance this proactive, personalised health care for the benefit of individuals, society and businesses. In terms of community safety and traffic and incident management there we will develop a cross-service and cross-organisational intelligent City Operations Centre to better support the management of traffic and public safety. Culture is also very important to the smart city and we will encourage a diversity of sport, leisure and cultural activities and events to be linked to the smart city approach as we strive to become City Of Culture in 2021.


We will:

  • Continue to work with the NHS on data analytics for care pathways
  • Develop a technology-enabled care programme
  • Upgrade the Community Alarm service so that it becomes a digital service
  • Provide access to information and advice for self-management of care
  • Improve learning opportunities for older people in the use of technology
  • Provide greater visibility and use of health data via the Open Data Platform
  • Develop a City Operations Centre by upgrading the CCTV for traffic and public safety
  • Co-ordinate and integrate all CCTV in the city
  • Promote and develop the city’s cultural diversity through events and activities
  • Develop a PKC ‘Match the City’ type website
  • Promote digital tourism with the businesses involved in this sector

Key Open Datasets

  • Location and access to GPs surgeries; pharmacies and health services in Perth and Kinross
  • Planned and unplanned Hospital admissions – by cause
  • Locations of defibrillators
  • Community Safety Warden and Investigator statistics
  • Prescriptions by GP surgery
  • Council housing and Housing Association properties for rent
  • Care Homes – by locations and type of accommodation
  • Average house prices in Perth and Kinross
  • HMO licenses issued
  • CCTV locations in Perth and Kinross
  • Crime and disorder incidents
  • New services developed by the City Operations Centre.
  • Visits to cultural attractions