Smarter Government for a Smart City

Smart government is about having the right policy framework and the right ICT infrastructure, data and services to make the city’s energy, water, transport and other systems function effectively.  Citizens and businesses need to be able to access the internet and the services they need when and where they want, regardless of the device or channel used. Smart cities support citizens and businesses in their online interaction with the Council and its services.  Successful smart cities also make effective use of their data assets to secure better outcomes, by investing in data capture, integration and analytics – so open data underpins their commitment to transparency and innovation.

Connectivity and Communications

We will:

  • Deliver superfast broadband throughout the area, including solutions for the most remote rural communities
  • Plan for a super-connected region with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit
  • Develop a wireless mesh network of ‘connected assets’ to provide real-time data for city operations
  • Encourage mobile working within the Council to provide services to citizens
  • Create a free public WiFi network in Perth
  • Roll out public WiFi to the major settlements in the Tay Cities area
  • Provide wireless broadband connectivity in public buildings and public areas and in remote communities, where fixed line broadband is difficult.
  • Extend and improve 3G and 4G coverage and develop a strategy for 5G

Digital Services

We will:

  • Re-design and upgrade the PKC website
  • Increase the number and range of services that are accessible online through one account, via MyAccount
  • Make greater use of mobile technologies and devices to provide services to citizens through our Mobile Working review.
  • Capture data in real-time from connected devices and machines
  • We will realise the potential for connecting devices, machines and vehicles to create the Internet of Things that underpins our vision of a smart city.

Open Data

We will:

  • Implement an Open Data Strategy to guide the publication of open data
  • Launch an Open Data Platform to encourage data sharing and innovation
  • Develop Application programming interfaces (APIs) to support the sharing of content and data by developers
  • Create an Open Service Directory database of groups, activities, services, venues, childcare provision, adult social care services available to use freely by partners on their own websites, apps, and event listings.
  • Contribute to the Code for Scotland Pathfinder Programme, outlined in the Smart Cities Scotland Blueprint
  • Support and run a number of Hackathons and similar events
  • Support businesses that are using data to develop smart city solutions
  • Cultivate a community of coders, data science experts and developers
  • Pilot Intelligent Street Lighting (ISL) to complement the deployment of LED Street lighting – insights from the collected data will be used to assist in event planning, and in analysing city centre footfall.

Key Open Datasets

  • Availability of superfast broadband in Perth and Kinross:
    • 100% of premises to have access to 2Mbps by 2018 and superfast broadband (30Mbps) by 2021.
    • 95% of premises to have access to 24 Mbps by 2018
    • All settlements over 1000 to have access to 24 Mbps by 2018
  • Public Wi-Fi availability in public spaces, buildings and businesses in Perth and Kinross
  • Freedom of Information requests and Customer Service requests – including date resolved, nature of request
  • Number of services that can be accessed online and accessibility score
  • Accessibility score of PKC website (for web and mobile device access)
  • Number of data sets opened for innovation via the Open Data Platform
  • Number of innovative services developed in Perth and Kinross from Open Data