Greener and Smarter

Smart environment covers green energy, green buildings and green urban planning. The aim for smart cities is to manage energy, water, transportation, waste, public health and safety and other key services in a co-ordinated way to support the smooth operation of the city so that there is a safe environment in which to live, work and play. Data is important and if supplied to the public particularly through social media networks it can allow consumers to change their own behaviour to save energy, minimise waste and travel more sustainably.


We will:

  • Develop a Perth and Kinross Energy Plan linked to the Local Development Plan (LDP) through data-driven methods, enabling a strategic approach to be taken to energy use and generation in the area
  • Map the potential opportunities for district heating and local renewable energy including solar PV and geothermal energy/heat pumps using data available from the Scottish heat maps project
  • Provide – through the Open Data Platform – data on energy that will empower local communities and business to better understand and conserve energy in Perth and Kinross
  • Measure, monitor and manage energy and heat consumption across PKC buildings and their connection to the energy generation systems
  • Develop Building Management Systems and controls across PKC buildings with enhanced visualisation to aid user awareness.
  • Use a new Smart City Prospectus to provide guidance for developers on sustainable and smart design principles.
  • Create a smart waste system using technology to enhance the efficiency of waste collection; equipping waste bins with sensors; tracking of refuse collection; and use of apps to encourage reporting of incidents.
  • Complete a Circle City Scan of Perth to identify the products, materials and components used in the economy so that we reap the maximum possible value from them.

Key Open Datasets

  • Energy consumption in Council buildings
  • Air Quality Management Areas in Perth and Kinross
  • Local air quality data
  • Installed renewable energy in Perth and Kinross: (Wind, Solar, Biomass, micro HEP, CHP)
  • Electricity and Gas consumption in Perth and Kinross
  • Locations of recycling centres and bins in Perth and Kinross
  • Locations of litter bins and waste fill levels in Perth and Kinross (waste sensor data)
  • Volume of recycled materials (glass, paper, cardboard, plastic) by recycling centre